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Christmas, Weekends, and Parish Ambassador Program

May the love, joy, peace, and mercy of Advent be with you during this Advent and Christmas season. Christmas is almost upon us and may you receive the joy of Christ's love for you every day. This is a special season of looking forward to Reconciliation, buying gifts, and being with our families. May we look back on our Cursillo weekend and remember how we felt and who was there with us as we recognized our Savior's love for each of us.

We ask for your prayers and Palanca for our team and candidates. We will be starting our team formations on January 22, 2017 with men and women team members at Madisonville. Kelley Wheatley of Hawesville is our Men's Coordinator and Julie Tiell of Hopkinsville is our Women's Coordinator. Please, answer "yes" to God's call when they call on you to be on a team. The Men's Weekend will be held on March 9-12, 2017 at Hawesville. The Women's Weekend will be on March 23-26, 2017 at Hawesville.

Will you help us with prayer and Palanca (works of mercy and fasting sometimes)? Will you help us by sponsoring a candidate for a weekend? We need our 4th Day Cursillistas to help us to continue our mission of God's work, make-a-friend, be-a-friend, and bring that friend to Christ. Even if it has been awhile since your Cursillo Weekend, it is not too late to help your friends get to Cursillo.

If you made a Cursillo and have a computer or phone, we would like you to help us by volunteering to be a Parish Ambassador. We need one person from each Parish in our Diocese to stay in touch by email or phone to let their parish know when to pray for weekends, and to put a notice in their Parish bulletin 2-3 weeks before a weekend to share the information of the weekend. Christ is counting on you. If you can help Cursillo with this, please, contact:

Mary Hagan   Teresa Westerfield
270-240-4778 270-256-8864 



Mary Hagan


Have You Often Wished That You Could Renew Your Cursillo Encounter?

The Cursillo movement has begun offering the Cursillo de Cursillos (CdC). A National Leader and Regional team is preparing to give the weekend and a renewed spirit to Cursillistas on December 1-4, 2016 at Mount St. Joseph Retreat Center. If you have been wanting to renew your friendships in a comfortable, cloistered atmosphere and begin again to engage in prayer, sacrifice and works of mercy, please, come and share with us on this weekend.

It is also for Cursillistas who are engaged in the process of discernment in order to make Cursillo their primary apostolate.

The weekend begins on Thursday evening through Sunday evening. It is based on our original Cursillo consisting of 13 rollos (talks) and 4 meditations. The CdC team consists of 5 lay leaders and 1 priest. Leaders are assigned to Table Groups. This allows everyone an opportunity to share the message of each rollo. A question and answer session is held after each rollo is presented. The Most Reverend William Medley, our Bishop of the Owensboro Diocese will have a Closing Mass at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday. A brief Closing is held for ALL CURSILLISTAS. The participants are asked to share their impression of the weekend right before Mass ends on Sunday evening.

We will have the Mass, Way of the Cross, Prayers and Chapel. Pilgrim’s Guides will be used and Cursillistas should bring them or we will have some on hand to use during the weekend.

One Cursillista who has experienced a CdC said, “The CdC re-energized and renewed more deeply my convictions that the Cursillo movement is a very important and beautiful part of God’s plans to make His Son’s Good News a reality in our world today.” (Dave-Bridgeport Diocese)

We have to discern and prepare to be renewed in a Catholic atmosphere of God’s love, mercy, peace, and joy. We have a prayer site called Every Bright Color at, if you need prayers let us know and all Cursillistas will be praying for you and your needs.

We mailed out registration forms and they are available on our website: as well. IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING OUR MAILINGS, PLEASE, LET US KNOW. DE COLORES!!!

Mary Hagan, Lay Director of the Owensboro Diocese

Phone: 270-240-4778


What is Cursillo?

By Mary Hagan

Cursillo is a Movement in the Catholic Church. It was exhorted by Pope Paul VI, Saint Pope John Paul II, and approved for our Diocese by Most Reverend Bishop William Medley. It came to Owensboro in 1969 at St. Stephan Cathedral. “It is a means for living what is fundamental for being Christian (3-fold love of God, of oneself, and love of one’s neighbor) which is experienced through three essential encounters (with self, Christ, and others) its immediate purpose is to be “Salt of the earth”. The second purpose is that the person be ferment in order to strengthen Christianity in society, and live what is fundamental for being Christian in their environments.” (Leaders Manual, Prologue--page v)

Cursillo is a 3-day weekend beginning on Thursday evening and ending on Sunday evening and is a personal experience. We evangelize by bringing the Good News into all of humanity through 10 Rollos (talks) by laity and 5 Rollos by a Priest and/or Deacon. Cursillo is to encourage and strengthen each of us to continue in this Movement for the rest of our lives with Ultreyas and Schools of Leaders. “Those who have made a Cursillo (Cursillistas) are determined to give back to the Movement its initial freshness; wherein it is most important to seek out the person by means of the most precious gift that the human being has received through God’s love: Friendship.” (Leaders Manual, Prologue--page vi) We do this by making a friend, being a friend, and bringing that friend to Christ.